Glass ceiling and the corporate ladder

Glass ceiling and the corporate ladder The glass ceiling phenomenon has been there since the 1970s, though not as part of the cultural lexicon. Glass ceiling is defined by Oxford Languages as the presence of undetectable barriers that keeps an individual from moving up the corporate ladder. It is barriers to professional advancement of women […]

Leadership Coaching Lessons business can adopt: Game Of Sport

It takes time to have a strong bond within the team. It requires lots of energy, time, commitment, and resources for the team to be efficient and effective. The team starts producing results after a while and after trying and failing. Even for English Premier Leagues, grinding results does not come cheap. There are lots […]

Leadership Is Action Not Position

(Noah Mangwarara) ‘Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough’ said Archimedes, ‘and I will move the world.’ Leadership is not a passive effort taken merely to align to circumstances; it demands radically challenging of the status quo for the betterment of an institution. It is proactive assessment of the proceedings with […]

Employees Who Work Remotely Are More Productive-Gallup

It is important to give credit to the efforts by government in trying to fight the pandemic. Since the first declaration of the pandemic, we have seen increased efforts by government and other key players to put measures intended to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Some of the citizens including employees have been jabbed up […]

Demystifying Practical Strategies For Human Resource Practitioners

Organisations have a myriad of human resource problems that affect productivity and require the Human Resource Practitioner (HRP) to solve. Problems can be of an endemic or occasional nature but require immediate to, long term solutions. Endemic for our purpose means a situation where the problems have and continue to exist. Occasional refer to problems […]

The Application of CDH (Courage; Discipline and Humility)

My mission is simple. I want to help successful people realize their full potential through courage, discipline, and humility (CDH). Successful coaches apply the CDH in coaching. Some self-reflection shows what type of a coach you are or want to be. Every coach should be aware of his or her identity, who they think you […]

Framing Disciplinary Offences Correctly Part 2

This write up is the last of 2 instalments on this subject.  The intention is to demonstrate the correct way of framing workplace offences. Incorrect framing of offences can result in the employee being charged on a case that he/she did not commit and either the Hearing Committee (HC) dismissing the case or applying an […]