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This is the highest grade of primary membership and is applicable to full members who are in good standing, and are actually working at strategic level in the field of people management and development. Additionally, National Council shall only confer this grade to a member who can show that:

  • He has been a full member of the Institute continuously for an unbroken period of eight years; or an aggregate period of ten years;
  • Holds at least a Human Resources Diploma or relevant higher qualification from an institute recognized by the Institute;
  • He has worked in the people management and development field at policy making level for not less than eight years, or an aggregate of ten years; and
  • He has benefited from Continuing Professional Development (CPD) during the immediate past three years or longer, and can prove at least three days or twenty-one hours of CPD for each of those years.

Honorary Fellow

In exceptional circumstances, the National Council may, as recognition and honor of a person who has established an outstanding reputation in the management and development of people; and has rendered outstanding service to the Institute, confer Honorary Membership on such person. Honorary membership may only be held on the terms and conditions Council may set from time to time, and at the pleasure of the National Council.


Associate Member



Professional Membership

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